Why Burn Through Your Money When You Can Use Wood Heating Instead?

What is the main concern plaguing Alberta citizens at this very moment? The current state of American politics? The reinstating of Pluto's status as a planet? The Oilers' chances at the Stanley Cup? No. That's so last month.


If I were a betting woman, I would put my money on the main concern of the average Albertan citizen at this moment being... Well. Money. We have found ourselves amidst the passionate throes of the worst economic recession that this province has seen in decades. Alongside the instability of our economy, we are riding the waves of horrendously unstable fuel prices. There is a way, however, to stave off the uncertainty of heating costs and to help you balance your housing budget.


Can you picture yourself relaxing on a cold winter evening, cuddled up under a warm blanket with nothing but the sweet serenade of crackling wood filling the air? Not very long ago, wood burning was the only option for heating our homes. We have since veered towards more expensive and less efficient options, leaving our wood stoves and fireplaces to wallow in the dust of a simpler time.



Luckily, we have modern innovation on our side! Contemporary, cleaner burning and more efficient wood stove designs have replaced the pollution-producing power houses of yore, with backing from an EPA certification program. Meaning you can rest easy knowing that your financial savings aren't harming the environment! And what kind of financial savings are we looking at?


The cost to heat your average bungalow in Edmonton for one winter hovers around the $720 mark if you are using natural gas. Propane heating will run your about $1600, and you can easily double that figure if you are heating your home with oil. Keeping in mind that these numbers pre-date the new carbon tax! Home owners have seen an average increase of 30% on their heating bill since January. No chump change, if you ask me. Switching to wood heating may incur some start-up costs, but you will be resting easy when the price that you pay to enjoy the luxury of warmth throughout the frigid winter months comes to merely $500, even less if you have the means of cutting your own wood. Not to mention that wood is about the most stable resource that we have at our disposal right now. Stable... That's a word that we haven't heard in a while.


While we are on the topic of stability, stabilizing our precariously balanced economy has been a concern for most Albertans this past little while. Purchasing locally grown wood does just that - helps our local economy survive through this rough patch. Being a renewable fuel source that aids in cleaning up forest waste allows our lush greenery to thrive, creating even more wood fuel for us to use. It is a mutually beneficial cycle that brings an added level of ambiance into our homes. So if you're tired of burning your money away, why not give wood heating a shot?

Ashton Wusyk