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If anyone living in an older home is having reservations about converting their fireplaces to gas inserts, here’s our story:

After several years of not using our main floor & basement wood-burning fireplaces, we decided to convert them to gas inserts.

We knew there would be challenges, as we have a finished basement & didn’t want our decision to necessitate a renovation project as well!

We’d received a quote from another company for the basement fireplace only, but Fireplaces by Leduc Chimney Sweep was highly recommended, so we contacted them.

When Technician Dustin came for a site check, we were very impressed by his punctuality, his knowledge, his thoroughness & his patience. He took photos, drew diagrams, & checked & re-checked all measurements. We asked him to also check the upstairs fireplace, as we started to think it might be more economical to get both fireplaces done at the same time. As my husband & I discussed this in his presence, at no time was there pressure on Dustin’s part to convince us to get the second fireplace done.

When Karen emailed us the info & quotes for gas inserts that would fit both fireplaces, she included links to these products so we could have more information to help us make our decision. Again, no pressure to purchase inserts for both fireplaces.

Arrangements for their gas fitter & electrician to contact us to schedule appointments for their site checks were made by Karen & these were followed through by both, punctually. We became more aware how challenging this job was going to be & we also realized we had the best people to do this job if we entrusted it to this company.

Ray, the gas fitter, had a much better, less labor intensive plan for getting the gas installation done, than the first company who gave us a quote on the basement fireplace. Ray didn’t say it was going to be easy, but he made us feel better in our decision to get both fireplaces done at the same time.

Karen also gave us choices. We weren’t limited to one style & make of gas insert. The first company didn’t offer us this. They told us what they’d install & that’s what we’d get.

Karen suggested we meet with their dealer rep in Edmonton so we could view the different gas inserts. Karen was there to meet us & was a great source of comfort, as she had a very good idea from Dustin’s photos & diagrams, as well as our emails & phone calls, which inserts would be best for our home.

This reaffirmed we wanted both fireplaces done. The visit to the dealer store helped us choose & confirm that we wanted a traditional style gas insert for the basement & a contemporary design with glass media for upstairs.

The electrician, Brent, did a painstaking & incredible job installing the electrical to the fireplaces & persevered while faced with several obstacles. There was a lot of masonry to drill through & he did an amazing job & clean up afterwards.

The gas installation, although very challenging, was expertly done & again, no evidence someone had been in our home cutting, drilling, & running gas lines under the basement ceiling.

When Dustin & Adam arrived to install the gas inserts on the scheduled morning, they were punctual, worked hard, answered questions, were patient, & were very careful with their tools with respect to our walls & flooring. The end result is two beautiful, functional fireplaces for us to enjoy for many years.

From the on-site employees, to Sheena & Jan in the office, who handled several phone calls & emails, we can’t say enough about this family owned business. Ralph & Karen Wiesner’s company proved to us many times how much they cared about the integrity of Fireplaces by Leduc Chimney Sweep. They care about the safety & happiness their customers expect from their work.

We found out in our research that this company was the Consumer Choice Award winner for 2017 for Northern Alberta. They never told us that. We know firsthand why they are deserving of that distinction. They exemplify honesty & excellent work, while making your safety their priority. They are the experts & if you want peace of mind, you will not have to go anywhere else.
— Cathy & bruce


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A good rule of thumb is to have your chimney cleaned after 50-60 fires. 

Keep in mind this will vary depending on the moisture content in the wood.



We install all of the products we sell. 
If you decide to purchase something yourself we will still provide the installation. 


Masonry Repairs & Additional Services

We specialize in Masonry repairs and miscellaneous services of all types. 

  • Brick Repair
  • Stone Repair
  • Rain Caps & Waterproofing
  • Hearth Finishing


WETT Certified Reports are requested for personal or insurance purposes, pre-purchase home inspections, system performance or because of visible signs of damage. Our technicians are WETT certified. To learn more visit www.wettinc.ca


We are so pleased to be on the Consumers Choice list as the winner in Northern Alberta for Fireplace/Chimney Sales & Services in 2017.

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Sheena was excellent to deal with when I set up the appointment and she was able to answer all of my questions. Ralph was fabulous when he came to sweep our chimney - he was 10 minutes early for the appointment, super friendly, gave our dog some love and attention, finished up in under 45 minutes, and left our stove area cleaner than it was before he came! He also fixed the gasket around the stove door and explained everything that he was doing! I would definitely recommend Leduc Chimney! 5+ stars!
— Angela Grinde Handbury
I was impressed with the quick response to my initial query and how soon my cleaning was scheduled. My appointment was for 1PM, the sweep arrived 10 minutes early and was done within 40 minutes, no mess no cleanup....great service!
— Bryan Rabel
I had a local Plumbing and Heating Company come over to check out my gas fireplace as the pilot light and flame kept going out. A serviceman came over and turned on the fireplace and the flame did not flicker or go out. He suggested that my chimney pipe was probably cracked. I asked him if he could check it out and we went outside onto the deck and he looked up at the enclosed chimney which goes about 20 feet higher than the deck and did not get a ladder to go onto the roof to inspect it. He said that the fireplace and chimney should be replaced and the cost would be around $10,000.00. I was billed for over $100.00 for this inspection.

I then went to Leduc Chimney Sweep and told them my problem. A serviceman came out and looked at it and suggested that I should try to have it serviced first to see if that works. There was no charge for this call at all. I was given a contact name of Denis from AAA GAS FIREPLACE & REPAIRS. Denis came out and did a complete service on my fireplace and the problem was solved for a fraction of the cost. I am very pleased to have dealt with Leduc Chimney Sweep and Denis and would highly recommend both for future work and service to others. They went over and above my expectations.
SUPERIOR Customer Service. After calling a few other competitors, Leduc Chimney Sweep were by far the most informative and upfront. I was informed of everything I’d need to do and if there would be any extra charges. Now if I wasn’t impressed enough with that, the day of our sweep Ralph came out and was amazing. I totally thought there’d be some sort of dusty mess left behind, I’m sure Ralph left it cleaner then when he arrived, and was he ever quick. He also asked my 3 year old for a little help carrying some little items out, which he was OVERJOYED to help. I’m a loyal Leduc Chimney Sweep customer now, service like this is hard to find these days!!! And their prices were great. 10 stars guys, keep up the good work!
— Bryna Day